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Corporate Travel is Recovering: Executives Opt For Executive Flights

The world is beginning to recover with the pandemic finally having a vaccine out in the wild being brought to you from various sources. With the virus getting handled better than it’s ever been, some of the world’s best transportation methods are becoming available to the executive traveler once again. One of the things that are making its triumphant return is private flights, and first-class travel is back on the table for the executive-class traveler.

Corporate Travel is Recovering:  Executives Opt For Executive Flights

What goes without saying is that the elite passenger wants to conduct their business while traveling the way they have always traversed. More FBO airports are beginning to become available for business, and private limousine companies are ready to service that esteemed clientele when they touch down on the tarmac. The usual jet-setting way of life is slowly but surely beginning its triumphant return for that businessman or woman, celebrity, or well-to-do individuals who are accustomed to this way of life. 

What You Must Do As A Passenger Of A Executive Flight

Safety isn’t a concern for those who partake in executive flight plans can take solace that their pilots are tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis (even the relief pilots). The boarding process is still the same as it has always been, so nothing changes for the passenger. If anything, boarding may take a little bit longer for sanitization/cleaning purposes. Still, this added time is added to your private flight’s initial departure time, so you would never notice the time is spent preparing the private jet for your departure. 

Usually, a person who flies out of FBO airports has a specific pilot they regularly fly with, therefore having a rapport with them. Nothing on that end changes either. You’ll still enjoy that relaxed, comfortable, and peaceful trip that you’re used to. 

That being said, one change that you’ll incur is that you will now have to provide proof of a negative test to the aircraft operator from the last three days of your flight (or if you’ve had COVID, three days of recovery via the CDC). You will also have to sign off on a passenger Attestation (or declaration form) that you’ll sign off declaring that you’ve had a negative test (or recovered from COVID) within three days for the records of the aircraft operator. The test must be of the viral variety (NAAT or antigen) here in the United States. 

A couple of other things to take note of: 

  • A COVID Vaccination doesn’t exempt you from testing (at this point).
  • Home COVID test is invalid unless sent off to a lab for verification.
  • If you haven’t been tested beforehand, most FBO airports have rapid testing available for the passenger before a flight.
  • If traveling overseas and being gone for any amount of time still requires you to get tested again before re-entry of the company.
  • Verifiable test results that are accepted are test results in the form of a digital or written copy from a laboratory. 

Has The Pandemic Impacted How Limousine Services Provide For Their Clientele?

While rigorous standards are being enforced on the passenger and aircraft operator, the professional limousine driver takes your health and safety just as seriously. Not all companies are built the same, and you need to do your due diligence when procuring your executive limo service for yourself or those you coordinate transportation for. Basic Black Transportation not only follows OSHA safety standards but goes above and beyond to ensure your safety while being a passenger in your private limo service by doing the following: 

  • It has increased Vehicle Sanitization that Includes new disinfecting procedures, staff education on safe disposal of used cleaning supplies, and the use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).
  • Use of Commercial Grade Cleaning Products that kills 99.99% of flu viruses, germs, and all bacteria on all surfaces and hard-to-reach spots in each vehicle in our fleet.
  • Education on the prevention of COVID-19 transmission based on current government guidelines for all of our professional and licensed drivers.
  • Our new policy consists of daily checking for fevers, health questionnaire (including possible exposure to potentially infected people), use of a face mask, and social distancing.
  • Extra safety measures such as discouraging physical contact, including handshakes and routine handling of passenger items (your baggage will always be assisted with for your convenience).

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Executive air travel is making its return in full force, and when traveling first-class in the air, make sure that you continue that same luxury travel while on the ground. Here at Basic Black Transportation, we are the elite limousine service for the Charleston area and will do everything in our power to make every experience that you have with us more memorable than the last that will have you telling your executive friends great things. Our esteemed customer service representatives are waiting to take your call and schedule with you at (843) 952-7122 or feel free to make an appointment or receive a quote here. 

*Disclaimer: This information is accurate as of February 17, 2021