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Wedding Day Tips And Tricks For The DIY Bride & Groom

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion that everyone has dreamed of in some way, shape, form, or fashion since they were young (yes, even you guys out there). For many people, the planning of the big day can become daunting and sometimes unbearable for those; hence they hire a wedding planner that would manage all of those cumbersome details that may overwhelm the average person from booking a venue, planning the details of the wedding, and even the reception festivities.

Maybe you don’t want to pay someone to perform the tasks you feel you can manage, but where do you begin?

Wedding Day Tips And Tricks For The DIY Bride & Groom

Wedding Tips To Get You Started


Setting (And Sticking To) Your Budget

After becoming engaged, one of the first things you should decide with your future spouse is setting a budget if going at it alone. Make sure that you budget for a deposit for the venue that you’ll be getting married in, a hall or building that you plan to conduct your reception, catering, a cake decorator, florist arrangements, transportation for various days, and lodging for those out-of-town guests that will be attending.

Setting the budget in advance will help you to not only be fiscally responsible but not get swept away at the moment with enticing additions that you hadn’t agreed initially. More importantly, if you’re pinching pennies, this will be an exercise in how you two will handle significant decisions in your future together. 

Decide On The Theme Of Your Wedding

While this concept may sound weird, having a theme tied behind your event isn’t just for parties anymore. Having a theme behind your wedding can help keep continuity within the weekend activities and provide some potential excitement for not only you but also your guests. Themes don’t have to be something tacky or off-the-wall, but something like a Black & White affair or a roaring thirties theme could be a lot of fun for your guests. 

Booking Transportation For The Whole Weekend

Having a destination wedding in Charleston after setting a theme is a great idea, but how do you plan on getting your family, friends and, respective wedding parties to the various events of the weekend? Hiring an excellent transportation company to take care of all of your needs for the whole weekend may be the step you need to take. 

Reputable private limousine service providers like the ones at Basic Black Transportation can not only give you unrushed, professional service all weekend, but when booking various vehicles for various events during the weekend, you can get all of your needs met at a discounted rate.

Securing party buses for the reception/bachelor or bachelorette parties/wedding parties, personal and private transportation for just the two of you, or even separate vehicles to arrive at the venue separately (to keep the tradition alive) can all be procured by making a call to your preferred limousine provider.

The faster that you contact a limo service, the better chance that you have to secure your dates and choose which vehicle(s) from their fleet that you would like to have at your disposal.

Creating An Itinerary

Everything in life runs smoother when there is a schedule, a gameplan to keep everyone focused on the activities, and keep things flowing smoothly and on time. Creating a timeline for everyone to follow also prevents anyone from being left out and feeling involved in all aspects of the weekend, from the rehearsal dinner to any special events that you have planned before or after the wedding ceremony.

Providing an itinerary also is a form of RSVP, letting you get an accurate headcount of who will be attending so you can make the proper arrangements for those who won’t be at every single event.

Survey The Venue

Everyone wants that perfect wedding photo. You know, the one that captures your moment in love and happiness in one single, breathtaking, and dramatic moment that you will treasure forever. Creating a moment that looks like it was pulled directly from a storybook takes some work, and it’s on you to make sure that the venue is what you desire. 

After securing your venue, you want to check it out a week or less in advance to make sure that it is what you expected it to be. Make sure that you choose that perfect spot for different moments of the day, whether it’s for a wedding party photo session under the hood of a pavilion, with the sun setting on the white sands of a beach. Maybe you’re going for that southern flair and chose a magnificent barn house (complete with horses and other creatures); every inch of the land should be surveyed so that it meets your exacting standards. 


After all of the preparations, catering to the needs of those discerning family members or friends, and not being able to sleep a wink the night before, all that’s left to do is say I DO! You’ve gone through all of this planning, all of the meticulous scheduling and prep-work was all for this moment: being able to look into the eyes of the love of your life and recite those words. 

Let Basic Black Transportation Be A Part Of Your Wedding Weekend!

Whether you’ve decided to plan your wedding with or without a wedding planner’s help, the thing that you should keep in mind is that you need luxury transportation to the various locations, appointments, and activities during the weekend. There’s no better choice than Charleston’s premier limousine service provider Basic Black Transportation.

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